Bagua Seal

"... the eyes, plucked from the skull of the demon slain, chattered and hummed until they grew red in hue. Singed by their sudden heat, the elder brother dropped them in the wooden archway. The orbs of near molten metal clattered on the floor as they hissed with each bounce. Instead of creating char and smoke, the eyes seemed to fuse into the timber. At this moment, the wood and iron expanded, and twisted around itself, transforming the air into scalding mirages. From the manifested wooden boards, the demon's face emerged, pressing its way out of the grain.The brothers feared that the demon would be reborn. Before much more than its forehead could emerge, its reanimation was halted. The iron that made its pupils caught flame. Into the eyes, the eight trigrams were etched, sealing the demon within."

_DSC0412 smol.jpg

The Bagua Seal has bronze knobs that were designed to function as combination locks. If the locks are turned to the correct positions, the latch inside the month could be lifted. By risking your hand and lifting the latch behind the demon's teeth, you would then be able to pass through the frame. The mechanism is still on its first few drafts and will take a while before it can function flawlessly. However, the carving is at its completion.

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