Secrets of the Daedalus Cabinet


The labyrinth carved into the drawer faces has only one configuration in which all of the paths line up. The drawers, when the center is to be locked and hidden, can fit into the other drawer spaces, breaking the labyrinth. Only after reconfiguring the drawers can one begin to solve the cabinet. Air paths with crude one-way valves are hidden in the back facilitating the quirky drawer behavior. Certain drawers, when pushed in, push forward other drawers as traditional piston-fit drawers might. Their interactions, however, are not reciprocal. Some drawers push others that are diagonal, or skipping its neighbor. Magnets are imbedded into the wood of some drawer sides by ripping the board and re-lamination. The glue-line being the only visual indicator, is virtually impossible to detect to the untrained eye. When the drawers are opened to the correct distances, the locking pins are free to release. The distances are indicated somewhere on the cabinet in some form. That detail shall remain a secret.