Secret to the Eye of the Beholder

The plate opposite the eye escutcheon is raised and polished on the high spot from use. When the box is set down on this point, it teeters and can rotate on the point. Meanwhile, hidden inside, the mechanism has four locking tabs. The steel joined to the brass is attracted to a magnet behind the mechanism and holds all four tabs in the locked position. When the locking magnet is pulled farther away by a magnet or iron key, the tabs are free to swivel. If tilted any one directions, the tabs will alternate and lock as another opens. To open all four at once, one must spin the box with a considerable velocity. If the box is spun too forcefully without proper skill, it will rattle and the tabs will not open. Only a well executed spin will open all four. To re-lock the box, one need only adjust the tabs to the open position, place the lid back on, remove the key and give it a shake. The spring-loaded locking magnet will then secure the tabs once again.