____ From Scratch

     A new publication in the works! Studio Seow is working on gathering the best and brightest to make a magazine all about how to do ____ From Scratch. Our first issue is going to be on tools, and, if all goes well, there will be more issue to come. Topics might be books, bread, vessels, films, you name it! The publication is now in the EDITING phases where all the text is coming together! We are currently moving shop to a new location in Madison, WI. Thank you for your patience!

2018 Windgate Fellowship

     "Now in its thirteenth year, the Center for Craft’s Windgate Fellowship marks $1.95 million awarded to 130 emerging craft artists nationwide. Nominated from a national network of 104 university art programs, these makers represent a skilled and motivated next generation for craft.

     Each year, the Windgate Fellowship identifies ten graduating college seniors with exemplary skill in craft. Awardees receive $15,000 – one of the largest awards offered nationally to art students."



WARNING: SPOILERS - Videos made to demonstrate the opening and closing of  some of the collection. 



A beast of a cabinet. The central drawer will remain locked and inset until the labyrinth is solved and the "keys" are found and in place. Can you solve the mystery of the Labyrinth?