Wingate Fellowship 

We are coming to the end of the fellowship and I'm just about ready for production level stuff. It's been a wild year, and I managed to squeeze a few things in. From traveling to Japan, and taking a course with Kagen Sound, I've pieced together some thoughts I've been stewing about puzzles, craft, and legacies of making.  But before I've had a chance to write them down into anything less than an eyesore, I've been making and healing. Here's some progress photos of the bench over the last months.

One of the hard things I learned making this bench is that I, Justin, am small. Something I, of course, knew, but didn't KNOW until I began to suffer from sciatica in the shop. The weight of the boards I was milling and pushing over the machines was too much. Without proper support, and probably unnecessarily long hours of milling, my back and hips were not having it. I decided I should rest on it. So I spent week or two trying to do other things, like developing a demon totem, in line with the research I was doing on "apotropaic" items and imagery. I developed drawings, a bit of writing, and began sculpting. It turned into these images below! And now, I'm in the final stages of casting the clay model and pouring a plaster version to clean up further. 

Roughing out the forms

Plasticine over 3D Printed form.

sorting out the features

Blocking out some more detail..

Adding a layer for the mother mold

Building a wall for the mother mold to be put over.

The final clay master.

The final Plasticine model smoothed and clean.

Most recently, I've been bringing my House of Opportunity design up to production standards. Instead of spending hours and hours and hours hand cutting joints and holes, I've made jigs for routers to do the same process. In addition, I'm hoping to cast the door and pattern part in bronze to save time, and increase the box's longevity.  Below are some process shots of the prototyping process. I've got a small list growing for people who want to be first in line to  order a box when they're done, so feel free to reach out and I'll add you to the list. 

Don't be shy!

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